I’m Shaken

//I’m Shaken

I’m Shaken

I’m shaken to my core, and it takes a lot to shake me.

Many of you know we’re in the process of selling our house. It involves a lot of things that I’m not comfortable with, but it’s part of the process. Like showing your house for example. Strangers can walk through your house and look at your things. There is always a realtor of course, but it just gives me an uneasy feeling. I honestly don’t like going and looking at other peoples homes. It makes me uncomfortable to be there as I’m sure it might make them mildly uncomfortable knowing there is someone in their house while they’re away.

When you sell your home there has to be an inspection of the property. Again, more people in your house when you’re not there looking at your home. Not just looking, but evaluating the home for the potential buyers. We’ve had an inspection completed on our house, there were some things that the buyers wanted to take a closer look at – which is understandable. However it leaves me with my story I’m about to tell you now.

Honestly, if I had a gun I wouldn’t be writing this. I’d be at IMPD downtown right now giving a statement about the men that entered my house this morning at 10:00 am and why they’re dead in my entryway.

Yep, that’s right.

I was asleep this morning after being up most of the night (shocker) until I heard my dog start to bark. I groaned and looked at the time, I figured she was ready to go out.

Then I heard my front door open.

I sat up in bed and said “Hello?”

A man’s voice answered back, with a “hello.”

I sat there frozen for what seemed like a really long time, but grabbed a sweatshirt and headed down my hallway.

There were two men standing in the entryway of my home. They stated they were there to look in the crawl space and the attic for the inspection.

I said “that isn’t until Friday” wondering and then noticing how they happened to get in my house, through the lock box that was on my front door. They knew the code to my door?

The taller guy said “yeah, it’s today at 10:00 am” while the shorter guy stood there looking at the floor.

I said “no, it’s tomorrow.”

Then the tall guy said “here’s my card, we can come back.” I said “no, if you’re here you might as well go ahead.”

I let them go into the crawl space and go upstairs in the attic, I was confused, I wasn’t thinking, and I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

They weren’t here 10 minutes, very quickly through the crawl space, through the attic, and they were on their way.

When I shut the door behind them I thought, they didn’t have any paperwork with them. Then I looked outside and noticed they were in a white box truck with no signage on it at all. They sat in the truck for a few minutes before they left; I watched them drive away and I started to cry.

I called my realtor and called Kerry. I didn’t get the realtor (which by the way I don’t blame her at all for this, she has been amazing.) I told Kerry what happened and I don’t think I’ve ever heard him erupt like that. He was scared, angry, completely taken off guard.

What happened? How did these men get the code to the door? How did they know the potential buyers last name? The other realtor confirmed that her and the inspection people were suppose to be here tomorrow. SO WHAT HAPPENED THIS MORNING AT MY HOUSE?

I looked up the website on the card, which as a legit website I guess. I mean anyone can just throw up a website right?

I know who these men are, I could definitely pick them out of a line up. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that. The lock box is off the door permanently but I don’t feel safe.



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