What If?

What If?

That’s a dangerous question, isn’t it ladies?

I was talking with a friend of mine recently, her husband lost his Dad suddenly in a car accident. To have something happen that quickly, both of them were completely blindsided. Talking to her I could see the tension in her face, she looked lost, she mentioned her husband struggling with “what if.”

  • What could I have said?
  • What could I have done?
  • What if he didn’t go that way? Perhaps another road.
  • What if I would have called and interrupted him. Would that phone call have made a difference?
  • What if… What if… What if…

Those 2 words can haunt you for a long time, longer than anyone can imagine.

Those words tortured me for 2 years after my Dad passed away. I was completely broken, thinking if I hadn’t gone to work that day, my Dad would have made it, he’d still be alive. Those thoughts, and feelings, can drive you crazy, it did me. It was almost like a record skipping – saying “I could have saved him – if I would have been there. If only I had been there.”

The truth is we don’t know why things happen, no one could have predicted what happened to my Dad, just like no one could predict what happened with my friends Dad. All I know is that it’s painful, even if you know the reason why.

The pain is real, that’s what I know. Even though it’s been 9 years in September since my Dad left, I still sat there and cried sharing my story.

If you think of it please pray, or chant, or whatever it is you do – when you’re wanting to send healing vibes – to my friend and her husband. I certainly would appreciate it sisters.


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