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With Love From Me To You – Hanne

I wanted to know what kind of impact Fatherless Daughters has had on some of our sisters lives. I asked a few questions, and as usual, our sisters came through for me. These relationships I have have been developed over the last six years. I cherish each and every one of these women, they have helped me through my hardest days, I will never forget that.

Name: Hanne

Country/State: Denmark

How old were you when your Father passed away? 45 years (now I´m 50).

Before finding Fatherless Daughters how did you manage your grief? 

I went to a psychologist several times, because I had a break down when my father passed away. I loved my father very much. But I felt totally alone with my grief even though I have a very sweet and understanding husband and the psychologist was very sweet.

How did you find Fatherless Daughters? (Meaning a Facebook search – did a friend refer you to the page?) 

I found Fatherless Daughters on Facebook. I was searching for people, who also had lost their fathers.

Do you feel like Fatherless Daughters has helped you with your grief? Yes.

In what way? 

It has helped me a lot to know that I’m not the only one who misses my dad very much, every day, even though it’s nearly 5 years ago he passed away. In this group you will get support wether your father has passed away recently – or it happened several years ago. In Fatherless Daughters there are no time limit for grief.

We all have hard days with grief, do you feel like Fatherless Daughters has been supportive on your particularly hard days? 

Yes, it’s always nice to get support and hugs on hard days. I really hope I can be supporting my sisters too with hope, understanding, and love.

Do you feel understood on Fatherless Daughters? 

Yes, indeed. We are all grieving daughters and know what each other is going through. No explanation to my sisters is necessary when I have a bad day, they understand right away. And I understand them.

Any other thoughts about Fatherless Daughters? 

I think it’s the best place to be when you are grieving, and don’t want to bother your family too much with your heavy heart. But there are a chances that you will feel lonely, if you don’t have anyone to talk to about your loss. When you are in the group of Fatherless Daughters you will never feel lonely with your grief. Just reach out – and you will get a lot of sympathy, understanding, and love. It comforts a grieving heart.

If you or someone you know is grieving the loss of their Father, let them know Fatherless Daughters is here. You don’t have to be alone with your grief – we understand. 


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