With Love From Me To You – Lissette

//With Love From Me To You – Lissette

With Love From Me To You – Lissette

“With Love From Me To You”

If there’s anything that you want
If there’s anything I can do
Just call on me and I’ll send it along
With love, from me to you..

The Beatles is one of the first bands that I remember my Dad introducing me to. “With Love From Me To You” is one of my favorite songs from the Beatles. I didn’t know before my Dad passed away, but I know now, that I was put on this earth to be a servant, a helper, to women that are grieving the loss of their Dad. I was curious how the sisters of Fatherless Daughters felt about being supported by women they have never met, but, rely on to listen, and share their stories of loosing their precious Dads.

Lissette, USA

How many months/years has it been since your Father passed away?

19 months.

Before finding Fatherless Daughters, how did you manage your grief?

My faith has genuinely sustained me from literally “loosing it” as my Daddy was everything to me. There is something about knowing that I will reunite with him in Heaven that gives me serenity.  However, to be very honest even with my beliefs, the broken heart I carry can’t be mended. I am forever changed.

How did you find Fatherless Daughters? (Facebook search/friend referred you to the page?)

I searched the internet and across it.

Do you feel like Fatherless Daughters has helped you with your grief? 


In what way?

We all find ways of dealing with our pain. This site allows us to post a 💔 or a poem, a statement, song, anything without judgement. I am happy to support another Sister if I can as Stephanie has helped all of us through her own loss. We simply have a bond by just having been Daddy’s Little Girl.

We all have hard days with grief, do you feel like a Fatherless Daughters has been supportive on your particularly hard days?

This site has been supportive because we have found each other. We have the same purpose to make every effort to face one more day without our special Dads.

Do you feel understood on Fatherless Daughters? 

Yes! Never felt judged. I think having the private site has helped tremendously because our thoughts remain among us.

Any other thoughts about Fatherless Daughters?

I just want Stephanie to know you made an awful situation (your Dad’s Loss) become an avenue for others to share thoughts, fears, and even develop friendships that lift each of us. I thank you. Your Father is not only proud of your selflessness, but he’s smiling down on you every time you reach out to so many of us.  God bless you & yours!



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