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About Fatherless Daughters

My Dad, John Eppich, passed away on September 15, 2009, and my life as I knew it would never be the same. I think I was in shock the first year after his death. It didn’t seem real to me at all and I had to constantly remind myself that he wasn’t going to be at family gatherings, at my house on Sunday to watch the Green Bay Packers play, birthdays, holidays — everything was different. I was shaken to my absolute core with no end in sight.

I went to grief counseling in 2011. I remember sitting in the counselor’s office at the first appointment; I was sobbing and she asked me, “How long has it been since your Dad passed away?” I looked at her and said 2009. She was obviously shocked when I answered and I looked at her and said, “What?” I remember her saying, “The way you were crying I thought it happened maybe a month or a week ago.” That’s when I knew counseling wasn’t going to work though I continued to go. I still to this day have no idea why.

I remember in 2012 things were really spinning out of control.  I was depressed, suicidal, it seemed nothing was helping. No matter what I did this dark cloud followed me around daily, suffocating me. I started searching the internet. I had heard of Motherless Daughters and thought surely there had to be something like that out there for people like me. I looked and looked.  There were things, a book that was written, a organization in Atlanta, Georgia, but the more I researched about them I found out that it was for daughters whose father abandoned them, either emotionally or physically. It was not what I was looking for.

I thought how can this be? There have to be other people like me that feel this way…there just has to be. In 2012 I created Fatherless Daughters on Facebook as my way to put my feelings out into the world my way. I didn’t tell anyone about it, not even my family. I just wanted something for myself and anyone else that felt the way I felt: lost, isolated, alone, sad… so very, very sad.

Fatherless Daughters, I am very happy to say, saved my life. It is a community of women from all over the globe that understand my grief, and I understand theirs. A strong, loving, supportive, amazing group of women who read my posts and thought, maybe she understands me. And I do! I have made lifelong friendships, written and spoken with the most amazing women — it still to this day baffles me that out of my grief this amazing gift was given to me to share with anyone who has lost their Dad.

I still miss my Dad every day. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him, but I’m not alone. I have my Fatherless Daughter “Sisters” that keep me going every day. Our daily conversations make me want to do more for other women out there who feel the pain that we have all felt, to let them know that they are not alone.

About Stephanie Daily, CEO and Executive Director of Fatherless Daughters

Stephanie is a lifelong resident of Indianapolis, Indiana. She attended Indiana Business College, she received a Business Administration, Associates Degree from Indiana Business College.

Stephanie worked in the insurance industry before transitioning into social media. She opened her own digital marketing agency focusing mostly on local restaurants. She accepted a position with Firebelly Marketing agency as their Social Media Manager in 2012 where she worked with large and small businesses creating and executing social media strategies. In 2016 she accepted the Social Media Manager position with Site Strategics, a Digital Marketing agency. She was instrumental in success of the podcast “Edge of Indy” focusing on Indianapolis Businesses.

In March 2017 Stephanie decided to leave her position at Site Strategics to pursue her calling, Fatherless Daughters. Fatherless Daughters is a global 501c3 based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Fatherless Daughters will provide counsel, friendships, grief management plans, grief phone calls, grief workshops, Fatherless Daughters events, and so much more. Keep looking for updates here and on our Facebook page.

What Our Sisters Are Saying

Corina Capetillo is from Modesto, California

When I lost my dad August 15, 2015, my whole life changed. I went through so many different emotions, as I still do to this day, but I was having trouble being understood. Family and friends would give their condolences and say that he’s in a better place now, no longer suffering. And yes, that was true, but nobody understood part of me died. I too lost myself. I was feeling angry everytime somebody reminded me to be strong, it will get better. One day looking on FB I came across a page called Fatherless daughters, I immediately posted my feelings on a comment. The responses I received and the women that too felt what I felt, were amazing. I instantly grew a bond, and through some of my darkest nights, I turned to my sisters on this site, because I know I’m allowed to be weak and sad at times and it’s okay, the women have saved me several times without knowing, I needed saving. I’m so thankful to have come across this site and become part of such an amazing group of ladies, who stand by their word and be there always. I miss my daddy daily, I still have major break downs, I know it may not get easier, but I’m okay with it, knowing I can come here. My favorite memory dad walking me down the aisle, he told me to slow down, he’s going to have you for the rest of your life… Walk with me.

Katie Doyle is from Fort Mill, South Carolina

On March 29th, 2015, my world as I knew it was over. My heart shattered as I watched “the love of my life” transition to Heaven. Yes, my father was my world, my idol & my love. We had a very special bond, that even in death could not be broken. I was 29, and was literally frozen with fear. How can I go on? Who would ever be able to understand? Could I possibly open a wound of emotions, that was tucked so deep away in my heart. At 30, I lost my mother within the same year, I lost my everything. I was absolutely devastated to say the least. Why me? What did I do so bad in this world to be an adult orphan at 30?

Rattled with anxiety and depression, I sought out help. I went to numerous therapy sessions, and grief counseling. I was not able to open up or relate to anyone else.

I signed on to Facebook, one sleepless, restless night. I was on a missin to seek out help. In the search engine, I typed in Father… “Fatherless Daughters” automatically came up. Tears welled up. Could this be what I’ve been looking for? Praying for? Well it certainly was. I was accepted into the group by Stephanie Daily. In my world, she is my angel, that my father sent to me. This beautiful and painful group of ladies knew what I was going through. They get it! The hold me up when I can’t. They are ALL my sisters and we are forever bonded by the loss of our everything. I’ve never opened my heart like this before. Offering my personal phone number to numerous ladies, exchanging stories, love, support and encouragement.

I am here today because of Stephanie and all of my sisters! My shattered heart beats again because of this beautiful group of ladies. I am a better person because of Stephanie. My father definitely guiding me to this page, to my new life, & to all my beautiful sisters.

Words cannot express my gratitude and love. My life is greater, my life is easier, my life is a sisterhood.

Thank you will never be enough.

Otivbo Akhigbe is from Nigera, Africa

Thank you for choosing me to be one of the sisters to do this.

I personally find the Fatherless Daughters page a God send. The FD family is a place you can share your feelings/emotions with every sister understanding exactly where you are coming from. No one telling you that you should have gotten over the loss of your dead “daddy” by now as it’s been a while.

I found Fatherless Daughters on Facebook.

I just want to thank you for this awesome family as we can say exactly how we feel when we are low. Visiting the page when I feel low and downcast has been therapeutic for me. I always feel lighter, better and loved. I live in Nigeria, West Africa and yet is seems I know you all as we grieve together, comfort and support ourselves. Thank you again!

Hanne Morgen Leismann in Denmark

I lost my sweet, funny and lovely dad in September 2013. It was a huge shock and completely unexpected. Before I joined the Facebook group Fatherless daughters I felt so devastated, sad, and alone with my grief about the loss of my dad. I have a good family, but I didn’t wanted to bother them too much with my grief. I was afraid they would be tired of me, if I talked too much of my dad. On Facebook I searched of a group that missed their daddies, and found Fatherless Daughters. It has comforted me a lot to be a part of this group. An angel on this earth, Stephanie, is the founder of this lovely group. She takes care of all of us no matter where on this earth we live– and we also take care of her. We walk this difficult path of grief together.

Samantha Massie

On a day in June 2016, I happened to see a post on a Facebook page called Fatherless Daughters. My dad, Floyd, passed away on 9/13/11 and I was still very much feeling lost without him so I immediately connected to Stephanie’s posts. I vividly remember reading and thinking did this person crawl into my head because we were feeling the exact same things. It was a relief and felt like a safe space. I immediately emailed Stephanie to say, “YES, YES, I get it! I get it too!!” Flash forward to today and I’ve gained a friend, who is by my side in this journey. Our loss brought us together but I believe it’ll be the sincere love, support and admiration for each other that will connect us for life.