I’m Shaken

I'm shaken to my core, and it takes a lot to shake me. Many of you know we're in the process of selling our house. It involves a lot of things that I'm not comfortable with, but it's part of the process. Like showing your house for example. Strangers can walk through your house and [...]

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New Years Eve – Fatherless Daughters 2018

Hi Sisters, What a year it's been, 2017. I'm writing this to speak to you from my heart, it's how I always want to speak to you. I've always promised that I would be honest with you, and I'm going to be about myself, Fatherless Daughters, wins, losses, and everything in between. First though, I [...]

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The Christmas Party I’ll Miss Forever

Twenty years ago Mr. Hanna's Christmas Party was just an idea me and my friend Jennifer came up with. I'm sure we were at the Elbow Room, I'm sure there was beer involved. I'm sure the conversation went something like this: Jennifer: Misssttteeerrr Hanna, you know what would be fun? Mr. Hanna: No. Me: We [...]

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Grieving During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays of the year... I remember when my family decided there was too much running around on Thanksgiving Day. Too many places to be, too many meals to eat, too many stops for Kam (who was a baby at the time.) No more we decided, we were going to [...]

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Have You Ever Gotten A Sign From Your Dad?

I asked this week if anyone had every gotten a sign from their Dad and what it was. Wow, our sisters have gotten some amazing signs from above. I'll share just a few of them with you - prepare for goosebumps! Suzanne wrote: "My dad passed away 2 days after my 7th birthday. When my [...]

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Fins Up!

I am such a dork! Most people cry over their loved ones with mushy songs like Butterfly Kisses or Amazing Grace…..when I hear Jimmy Buffet’s Fins, no matter how hard I try, grief washes over me like the surf surge from a hurricane.  I feel the rumblings in my chest—it tightens, I feel like I [...]

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Fatherless Daughters Website News!

Hi Sisters, I have some exciting news that I wanted to share with all of you... Our website will be ready on Monday - I am so excited for you to see it sisters! I've been working with John (webmaster extraordinaire) on it for awhile and it's finally ready! What is cool about the website, [...]

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My World Changed September 15th, 2009

Hello Sisters, On September 15th, 2009 I lost my Dad, John Eppich. My world has not been the same since that day. Even though it has been eight years ago this September the feelings that I have about that day are still as raw as when they happened. People have said: It's been 8 years, [...]

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